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New Players/Looking for a team?

Welcome to International Fitness league play! Your one stop place for league fun where you can watch and play all you would like! If you are new to the town or to the sports complex we can get you signed up as an individual so that you can start playing as soon as the next season starts!


Individual Sign Ups

International Fitness takes individual sign-ups and if we get enough in a division we will form a house team and if we cannot get enough to form a team we will try and place you on an existing team that is looking for players!


How to Sign Up

Just come on down to our West Eugene Sports complex anytime that we are open and fill out the guest courtesy waiver. Once this is filled out, we will then add you to your team's roster or to the House team, if we have enough players to build one. You will then pay for your portion of the team's fee, which is normally $50 but can also be less depending upon the number of players on your team.


For Free Agents, once the team registration deadline passes we will either place you on the house team or try to get you onto an existing team. We will then contact you to let you know your status. If for some reason we are unable to place you on any teams that season we can either transfer your money to the next season or give you a refund. Once schedules have been posted no refunds will be given for injuries or if you make the decision to withdraw from the league.



SOCCER: Men's, Coed, Youth





Please contact us at International Fitness West Eugene Sports Complex, 541-343-1955.